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BREATHEASY: An Ayurvedic Answer For All Respiratory Disorders

– It helps in Potent Natural Bronchodilator.
– It improves Breathing in Respiratory Disorders.
– It decrease resistance in the Respiratory Airway.
– It increases Airflow to the Lungs.
– It is also useful in Obstructive Lung Disease.
– It shows Effective results in any disease that happens because of Respiratory problems.
– It is 100% natural product with No Side Effects at all.

PACK SIZE: 30 Capsules


If any tissue affected Lungs then it will become a critical issue for breathing as Lungs are the organs of respiration.  It further causes many diseases as Chronic pulmonary diseases, bronchitis, asthma, regular coughing and breathing problems. A bronchodilator is a substance that dissolve the bronchi, helps in decreasing resistance in the respiratory airway and increasing airflow to the lungs. They are most useful in obstructive lungs disease, of which Asthama are the most common conditions.

Breatheasy helps anyone who is suffering from any of these diseases. It shows the result in a most effective way. It doesn’t affect any other body part and assures you the best result by curing you disease in a most appropriate way. Breatheasy capsules are a helpful remedy in treating  any respiratory disease from Asthama to Suffocation.


It contains the most natural ingredients that don’t need any introduction when it comes to its effects on any respiratory disease. It contains only and only ayurvedic and herbal products. Shaleen is the best company for herbal products and to maintain this they use minimal use of human intervention to deliver the purest form of Breatheasy Capsules. Each Capsule contains:

Chhoti Kantkari 40mg
Vasa 40mg
Mulethi 30mg
Tulsi Pattar 30mg
Bharangi 30mg
Shudha Vatsnabh 30mg
Giloy Satv 20mg
Sonth 30mg
Kali Mirch 30mg
Magh Pippal 30mg
Dhatura 20mg
Tavakshir 20mg
Jaiphal 5mg
Javitri 5mg
Choti Elaichi 5mg
Lavang 20mg
Tej Pattar 10mg
Dalchini 10mg
Tankan Bhasam 20mg
Sankh Bhasam 10mg
Godanti Bhasam 45mg
Prabal Pishti 10mg
Dicoction of Giloy
Dicoction of Dhatura
Dicoction of Kantkari
Dicoction of Adrak
Dicoction of Vasa

It is Laboratory tested for quality and purity.

Many of the people are suffering from pulmonary disease and they don’t get a permanent solution and looking for something herbal. If you irritating with serious pulmonary disorder then use Breatheasy- a natural home remedies to get recover from it.  It is very Useful to treat you in respiratory diseases like shorten of breath, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and pleurisy. Get your hands on the most natural medicine for any respiratory disease.

– 1 capsule 2-3 times a day.
– As directed by the physician.

Storage Directions:
Store in dry place to avoid moisture.


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