For Diabetes- Mehanip Capsules

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Shaleen  Mehanip Capsules for Diabetes are beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes.
It formulated in such a way that it supports healthy glucose level in body & maintain quality of life.
Mahanip Ayurvedic capsules for Diabetes are purely based on ayurveda.
Its main contains are Imli, Harar, Nutmeg, Bat Jata, Arjun and other herbal products.
It ensures best results as it only consist best extracts of all world known herbal ingredients
Mehanip Capsules for Diabetes shows result in very few days with absolutely no side effects

1 capsule twice or thrice a day
As directed by the physician.



As per reports, diabetes is increasing day by day and hitting everyone slowly. In this two thing is very common that are side effects and insulin resistance among the people who are taking modern chemical medicines. That is why Mehanip Capsules for Diabetes are the only option you should look for. It is completely herbal and guarantee absolutely no side effect. That way you can get cured without being worried about side effects. Mehanip Capsules for Diabetes are formulated and honed in such a way that follows ayurveda strictly. It has several contains that has many anti-diabetic properties that help in curing diabetes in a natural yet healthy way. As most of you have been thinking, it is a herbal product so it will work slowly. But no, this product works magic on diabetes because of its ingredient that has anti-diabetic properties.


 It is 100% a herbal product for all the diabetes patients who wants to get rid of diabetes. It provides superior control over  blood sugar and maintain a balance of all vital internal organs putting a restraint on the disease. It restores energy level and regulated imbalance sugar level in body that leads to diabetes It cures diabetes in no time and you’ll get back on your feet very soon without having any side effects. Mehanip Ayurvedic capsules for Diabetes have been using since so long as they never found anything unsual other than its positive result.


Mehanip capsules for diabetes  are purely based on ayurved and strictly follows its rules for diabetes. It formulates support healthy glucose levels in body & maintain quality of life. Each capsule contains 8mg of:

Harar Bahera Ajwayan
Amla Aam Haldi chitrak
Daruhaldi Nagarmotha Nagkesar
Manjistha Agar Vai Vidang
Chandan Gokhru Kutki
Arjun Shriparna Pipal fruit
Lodhra Indrayan Tulsi
Inderyav pipplamool Khair
Bharanghi Magh Pipal Sounth
Nisoth Kushtha Gudmar
Bat Jata Imli CHirayata
Nutmeg Jaiphal Akik Pisti
Vjijaysar Panna Manikya
Dalchini Mukta shukta Prabal
Guar Jamun Karela beej
Methi Beej Shilajit Asphaltum
Neem Giloy aloe vera

1 capsule twice or thrice a day
As directed by the physician.

Store in dry place to avoid moisture


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