Weak Immune System -Care Vital Herbal Capsules

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– It is a herbal anti oxidant that supports immune system.
– It helps in increasing memory power for better life style
– It Increases immunity that further supports all the vital organs.
– It protects from various diseases as cold, fever, infections.
– It assures management of all organs.
– It is consist of 100% natural and herbal ingredients.
– it is completely safe and has no side effects.


Why care vital capsules?
There are so many natural herbs that boost your immune system.  It’s up to you to learn and understand know about herbs. Herbs have the ability to boost your immune system and help equip your body with the strength and power to fight off any disease! That’s not all ,each herb has  own strength that can help your body stay healthy!

Care vital contains anti-microbial agents that detect and attack unwanted bacteria and help protecting you from sicknesses. It works to strengthen your immune system and prepare your body for any viral diseases and infections. Care Vital capsules also have anti-inflammatory properties that is excellent at calming the stomach from any inflammatory sensation.

Contains Natural and Herbal Ingredients:
Care Vital capsules for weak immune system and weak memory power is consist of pure and herbal products. It has made with best extracts of all herbal ingredients and hence guarantees no side effects at all. It shows result in a very natural way. It is best for all those who are looking for a solution for their weak memory and immune system. Each 500 capsule contains:

Amalki Rasayan 50mg
Tulsi Pater 50mg
Pudina 50mg
Neem 50mg
Giloy 50mg
Gokhru 50mg
Punarnava 40mg
Kutki 40mg
Arjun 30mg
Ashavgandha 30mg
Haldi 30mg
Juice of Giloy 10mg
Juice of Gharit Kumari 10mg
Juice of Ghea 10mg

Best Results in No time:
Care vital is a classic combination of herbs which are traditionally used to build Immunity. It is known as a powerhouse of all important ingredient which is known to improve immunity and improve weak memory power. It is known as one of the best rejuvenator. Care vital is considered as a wonder herb which works as detoxifier and rejuvenator. Care vital helps in improving body’s resistance power , helps effectiveness of white blood cells and builds up the body’s immune system. It helps, support immune function. It has various essential components in it to provide strong anti oxidant protection from free radical damage and help support the immune system and weak memory power.

Two capsules a day will increase our resistance against various disorders or as prescribed by the Physician.

Store in dry and cool place to avoid any moisture.



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